Adam Nugent

Design Director

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Adam is a landscape architect with a wide-ranging background that has sent him across the globe. He brings to each project a love of landscape design and horticulture that goes back to his childhood. Shortly after arriving in the Bay Area from the East Coast with his wife in 2013, Adam began working as a designer at Terra Ferma Landscapes. He quickly became a project manager and a design lead for the studio, helping to shape it into the firm it is today. Prior to settling down in California, Adam traveled the world, both while studying for his master’s degree and while serving as a captain in the US Army.

On the East Coast, Adam worked in a multi-disciplinary architecture firm where he learned to marry the designs and needs of building architects with the landscape. It is important to him that a the home and associated structures feel like an essential and intrinsic part of the landscape.

Growing up in Minnesota, he developed a straightforward, principled, and ego-free demeanor. You might say it also has made him appreciate the landscape and climate of California with a bit of additional enthusiasm. He also has a love of philosophy, which led him to earn an undergraduate degree in the subject.

He spent nearly a decade in Texas, both during his service and afterward while studying landscape architecture at Texas A&M University. This time taught him to appreciate landscapes that can be both beautiful and well-adapted to the West’s unique and diverse climates. Studying and teaching in Germany while in graduate school allowed him to appreciate both classical, traditional design aesthetics as well as modern design trends and advances in sustainability. He was recognized as his University’s Olmsted Scholar twice.

Today, with Terra Ferma Landscapes, he is an award-winning landscape architect, licensed in California. He brings a wealth of knowledge about designing and building landscapes, with experience in many of the Bay Area’s 101 municipalities. He enjoys spending time outdoors, hanging out with his family and friends, hiking, long distance running, and traveling.