Water Features

The Bay Area is in a severe drought and it’s hard to foresee the benefits of incorporating a water feature into any landscape improvements however there are ways to get what you want while at the same time being water-wise. We are inherently drawn to in their natural (oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers) and man-made (pools,… Read more »

Studio Re-design!

Spring and Summer brought exciting change for the designers of Terra Ferma Landscapes. When the neighboring office became vacant we seized the opportunity to expand and undergo a major office remodel. Our design studio is within a dual level office building with mid-century influence. The studio used to consist of three connected office spaces, partitioned… Read more »

Soft Joints: Plants for Stepping Stone Paths

Circulation around your landscape is just as important as the design elements themselves. In fact, the design aesthetic directly influences the materials selection for each pathway. Stepping stone (or paver) paths are a popular design feature that can introduce plant material to an otherwise hardscape dominant palette. Planting between pavers is a good solution for… Read more »

Meet Our New Design Director

Terra Ferma Landscapes is growing! I am pleased to introduce Amy Wolff as the new Design Director. As I work to raise the bar on our design efforts and expand our approach, I am delighted to have Amy leading our design studio. She is a licensed Landscape Architect having earned her Master’s of Landscape Architecture… Read more »

Concrete Finishes

The methods of application result in an almost limitless range of textures, color and tone for concrete finishes. Choosing the Color of Concrete We typically specify and install integrally colored concrete. This means that the color is added directly to the mix and it is integral to the pour and the finished concrete. Source: Davis… Read more »

Menlo Park Construction Progress

The Menlo Park project site was originally home to a modest house on a quarter acre lot, surrounded by fruit trees. Our client wanted to build a new house for their young family and wanted landscape amenities such as a pool for the whole family to enjoy, concrete and stone patios, seating walls, driveway to… Read more »

NorCal Landscape and Nursery Show

Last week, the Construction Team took a couple hours to check out the NorCal Landscape and Nursery Show. Here are some pictures of what happened at the show!  

Natural Boulders as Artistic Features

This week I will be selecting and placing boulders at one of our in-progress projects in Portola Valley, CA. This landscape gradually bleeds into the natural hillside, and the use of boulders as architectural elements, together with grasses and indigenous plants, helps blend our newly created landscape into the surrounding area. However, if we design… Read more »

Espalier Trees For The Garden

Chances are you have seen espaliered trees and thought they were stunning but impractical or too difficult to grow for the average home gardener. While they admittedly require more attention and pruning than the conventional form tree, these elegant additions to the landscape are worth the effort and provide a great excuse to get out… Read more »