2014 Employee Holiday Re-Cap

Hope you had a great Holidays! We know our staff did! Take a look what they were up to this Holiday Season.   Brian Koch – “I had a great break with the Family. As you may or may not be aware, December is my favorite time of the year and the Holiday spirit was… Read more »

Happy Holidays!

As 2014, comes to a close we would like to look back on some of our projects that we completed this year. Atherton Design Working with Aleck Wilson Architects and Moroso Construction, our design studio worked on this project for two years, fleshing out design details and holding weekly meetings during the construction process. The… Read more »

Fire Features

Living in the Bay Area, we’re fortunate to have the privilege of enjoying our outdoor spaces year round. A fire feature is a design element that enhances the landscape and the time we spend there. They provide heat, light, and ambiance, the perfect combination for a natural social gathering space. The campfire-like atmosphere promotes conversations… Read more »

Pavers for Outdoor Living

Being in California, we are very fortunate to have relatively warm weather all year-round. Mild winters and hot summers are the most extreme, but the weather is enjoyable nonetheless. It’s no wonder that Outdoor Living is so popular here. From dining terraces under heated arbors to sport courts in your own backyard, landscapes incorporating these… Read more »


Selecting Bluestone

Bluestone is a versatile and relatively affordable attractive stone, which is primarily sourced from quarries on the East Coast, such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The ‘main’ colors mentioned for Bluestone paving are ‘Full Range’ and ‘Select Blue.’  Full range generally has mix of different stone colors including silver / blue, brown, tan, grey, rust and even… Read more »

Vegetable Gardens

When I was growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, it wasn’t that popular to have vegetable gardens.  My friends came over and thought I lived on a farm because of our six vegetable boxes in the backyard. During the summer, we had a cornucopia of vegetables; eggplants, corn, beans, carrots, cucumbers, beets, zucchinis,… Read more »

No-Mow Grasses

I recently hiked Mount Tamalpais up in Marin County this spring for the first time. I’ll admit that I am a fairly fresh transplant to California, so this experience still caught me in that hazy honeymoon phase. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mount Tamalpais, it is a magical place during California’s green,… Read more »

Landscape Architecture and Design-Build

I started and built my business with my passion to envision landscape ideas and see them through to construction, exactly as they were created in my head during the schematic development. Design-Build occupies a niche in the field of Landscape Architecture. It allows my team and me to channel all of our strengths and direct… Read more »