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Site Furnishings

When designing an outdoor space, the details are the finishing touches that capture the seamless elegance of the design. The same can be said about selecting site furnishings, because these pieces reflect the homeowner’s unique vision and taste. With the right tools, site furnishings can help transform a landscape into a sanctuary enlivened with a… Read more »

Structure in the Landscape

Architecture and the landscape drives the shape and form of our world. Combining these entities produces either a seamless bond of harmony, or a forced existence of clashing intentions. Successfully bridging the chasm between man-made structures and nature is an essential achievement of landscape design and build. Source: Terra Ferma Landscape – Woodlands Getaway Incorporating… Read more »

Plein Air Cooking: Designing your Outdoor Kitchen

Designing Outdoor Kitchens

Designing a landscape can be distilled into a core concept: creating a series of outdoor rooms within a larger environmental context. A room may be a quiet retreat for reading or sketching, or a lively space to gather and socialize with good company. Whatever the function, it is clear people are enjoying a variety of… Read more »

The American Pool

Swimming in a pool has got to be one of the best memories of summer – it is quintessential America along with apple pie and porch swings. I’ll spend some time reviewing some of the key elements we consider when planning for a pool…. Read more »

Water Features

The Bay Area is in a severe drought and it’s hard to foresee the benefits of incorporating a water feature into any landscape improvements however there are ways to get what you want while at the same time being water-wise. We are inherently drawn to in their natural (oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers) and man-made (pools,… Read more »

Natural Boulders as Artistic Features

This week I will be selecting and placing boulders at one of our in-progress projects in Portola Valley, CA. This landscape gradually bleeds into the natural hillside, and the use of boulders as architectural elements, together with grasses and indigenous plants, helps blend our newly created landscape into the surrounding area. However, if we design… Read more »

Fire Features

Living in the Bay Area, we’re fortunate to have the privilege of enjoying our outdoor spaces year round. A fire feature is a design element that enhances the landscape and the time we spend there. They provide heat, light, and ambiance, the perfect combination for a natural social gathering space. The campfire-like atmosphere promotes conversations… Read more »