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Native Plants

Saxon Holt Native Garden

At this time of severe drought, which is projected to be California’s new norm, many have been considering alternatives to the traditional garden. As Californians, we have an extensive range of low-water use, diverse, native plants readily available. While some of these plants can incorporate well into existing gardens, this article addresses using the plant… Read more »

Flowers for a Dry California

Native Penstemon and Erigeron blooming at a project site in the North Bay. Source: Terra Ferma Landscapes – Woodlands Getaway Our firm works in the San Francisco Bay area. California is living through a remarkably severe and long-lasting drought. Water is always on our minds, and it becomes especially significant when our clients ask us… Read more »

Soft Joints: Plants for Stepping Stone Paths

Circulation around your landscape is just as important as the design elements themselves. In fact, the design aesthetic directly influences the materials selection for each pathway. Stepping stone (or paver) paths are a popular design feature that can introduce plant material to an otherwise hardscape dominant palette. Planting between pavers is a good solution for… Read more »

Espalier Trees For The Garden

Chances are you have seen espaliered trees and thought they were stunning but impractical or too difficult to grow for the average home gardener. While they admittedly require more attention and pruning than the conventional form tree, these elegant additions to the landscape are worth the effort and provide a great excuse to get out… Read more »

Vegetable Gardens

When I was growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, it wasn’t that popular to have vegetable gardens.  My friends came over and thought I lived on a farm because of our six vegetable boxes in the backyard. During the summer, we had a cornucopia of vegetables; eggplants, corn, beans, carrots, cucumbers, beets, zucchinis,… Read more »

No-Mow Grasses

I recently hiked Mount Tamalpais up in Marin County this spring for the first time. I’ll admit that I am a fairly fresh transplant to California, so this experience still caught me in that hazy honeymoon phase. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mount Tamalpais, it is a magical place during California’s green,… Read more »