Concrete Finishes

The methods of application result in an almost limitless range of textures, color and tone for concrete finishes.

Choosing the Color of Concrete

We typically specify and install integrally colored concrete. This means that the color is added directly to the mix and it is integral to the pour and the finished concrete.


Source: Davis Colors

Davis Colors Concrete Brochures are available at your local paint shop. Having this is more reliable than referencing images from the computer, since colors can vary based upon the screen resolution of your screen. Scofield and Solomon Colors are two other popular integral color companies.

As well as selecting an integral colored concrete, you can also patina or stain the concrete.

Broom Finishes

A very cost-effective finish for concrete is the broom finish. After the concrete is poured, and while it is still wet, a mason carefully drags a broom over the concrete. Broom finishes range from light broom to heavy broom.


Source: Terra Ferma Landscapes

Sandblast Finishes

Sandblast finishes also range from light to heavy and are determined by the amount of existing aggregate in the concrete that is exposed.

Sandblast Finish

Source: Houzz – Pantheon Builders

Acid Wash Finish

For acid wash finish, acid and water are mixed together to help take off the finished cream of the concrete.


Source: Terra Ferma Landscapes

Exposed Aggregate Finish

In an exposed aggregate finish, particular rocks are seeded, spread out over the concrete, pressed into the surface. In the final finish, water is used to expose the new rock in the concrete to give it its finish.


Source: Mariko Reed

There are many other finishes, such as smooth trowel, stamped, exposed natural wash, or rock salt.

I hope this article helps you in choosing the concrete finish for your next project.