Our Process:

Landscape Architecture




We begin with a meeting at the site with the Client, Terra Ferma Landscapes’ Owner – Brian Koch, and a Design Associate to discuss the vision, key objectives, stylistic preferences and lifestyle. Following the meeting we send out a detailed Design Proposal specific to the project.



To begin each project we meet with Clients, assign the Project Team and develop a Project Profile. A corresponding Work Plan sets forth our framework for allocating resources according to a schedule and budget. We request a topographic survey that locates key existing elements and features. We also request having the most current architectural drawings in an AutoCAD format, if available. Lastly, we review relevant jurisdiction Planning and Building codes that might influence the project.


Schematic Design

This initial design phase focuses on representing the project concepts and exploring options. Our designers begin by analyzing the site conditions and collecting vital information, such as sun and wind exposures, and privacy concerns. This ensures the designs respond appropriately to the unique site and desired program elements. We create a combination of hand-drawn graphics and compile precedent imagery to communicate design intents. After presenting this package, we use the feedback received to create a final Schematic Design Master Plan that is developed to a higher degree of specificity, with focused attention on key features. This phase closes out with us providing a Preliminary Construction Estimate and project development programming for future phases. These are key steps that influence the projects ultimate direction.


Design Development

With approval of the Schematic Design, it will be drafted into an AutoCAD computerized format to work out critical dimensions and notations across the site. We will also likely create elevation and section drawings representing vertical views of key features. To help accomplish this we will present options for hardscape materials, furnishings, structures, site amenities, lighting, and planting preferences. Throughout this phase feedback becomes incredibly valuable as we finalize the designs. The Preliminary Construction Estimate is then revised to reflect the final design decisions.



Terra Ferma Landscapes has experience working with most jurisdictions in the region and we understand their permitting processes. If required for the project, we will work closely with the Client and the jurisdiction to tailor a strategy to help ensure successful approvals through any required Planning, Building or Environmental submittals and presentations. Building on the approved Design Development drawings, we will produce and submit drawing packages and required calculations to receive the necessary approvals from the City, or Town. Our designers will coordinate as needed with the appropriate departments, making adjustments as necessary until permits are issued.



Construction Documents

This final phase of the design process takes a very close-up view of how all aspects of the project are to be constructed.  During this phase we prepare all necessary drawings and documents to accurately construct the project. We can prepare the drawing set and documents to be handed off to the Terra Ferma Landscapes Construction Team, or to another landscape contractor.



Construction Observation and Administration

When a project is being built we can provide close supervision and related services to coordinate the project with the Client, Builder/Contractor and Sub-consultants. Our Design Associate can oversee a builder’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout the duration of the project and monitor the builder’s progress and compliance with the Construction Documents. Our firm provides a close review of a builder’s sequence of operations and progress schedule to ensure the successful and timely completion of the project.

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