Landscape Architecture

Design Studio Director:

Our Design Director’s role is to lead the firm’s landscape architecture design team. Our Design Director is responsible for the design and management of all projects within the Design Studio to ensure Terra Ferma Landscape’s vision, mission and core values are being met. Our Design Director ensures project success, productivity and accountability by following the firm’s policies and projections for the Design Studio.

Senior Associate:

Our Senior Associates serve as facilitators and catalysts. They clarify difficult issues and orchestrate everyone’s efforts. This means exploring alternatives, pushing boundaries, keeping the whole team involved and moving toward consensus. They pull the entire team together at key milestones, conducting brainstorming sessions and critiques, and guide the development of a unifying concept for the project that will unite the various disciplines and span different types of media.


Our Associates have a firm grasp of the creative and production processes. They primarily coordinate project logistics and their role on the team may also be that of the Project Manager and/or Lead Designer, depending on the team structure. They also develop estimates and timelines, coordinate meetings, monitor budgets and coordinate Presentation Packages.


Our Designers contribute to all phases of project development and general office activities within the Design Studio.  Their primary responsibility is to offer support and assistance throughout the entire design process. Their tasks cover creating presentation packages to translating ‘hand-drawn’ Schematic Designs into a digitally based platform for continued design development.

Landscape Construction


Construction Director:

Our Construction Director oversees, manages, and schedules the development of all Construction projects at Terra Ferma Landscapes. The Construction Director is hands-on with each project from start to finish. The Construction Director makes weekly, or bi-weekly, visits to each project site, ensuring the success of all construction projects.

Project Managers:

Our Project Managers serve as the main point of contact to clients on project installations. They are generally present on a daily basis, meeting with on-site foremen and clients as needed. They work with the construction team to ensure that all construction services are delivered according to contract specifications, on budget, according to schedule and with a high standard of quality. They assist in the preparation of change orders and coordinate receivables with office administrative management team.


Our Estimators manage the intake and output of all construction estimates that flow through the company. They maintain a database of current and accurate information on prices from suppliers and subcontractors. To create the estimates they gather, calculate, and compile take-off data for use in bid proposal estimates. Before issuing estimates to clients they are reviewed with the Construction Director.

Construction Coordinator:

Our Construction Coordinator helps assist the Construction Manager, Project Managers and Owner. The Construction Coordinator takes care of purchasing and orders of all material. The Construction Coordinator issues all contracts, change orders and acts as a liaison between the firm and clients.


Our Foremen receive assignments from Project Managers and work hand-in-hand with their crews. They are assigned to one job for its duration to ensure on-site consistency and are present on a daily basis.

Fine Gardening


Fine Gardening Manager:

The Fine Gardening Manager plans, schedules and administers all crew activities, while ensuring that employees are both results-oriented and operate as a team. The Fine Gardening Director is responsible for all tools and equipment delivery, storage, operation and maintenance. The Fine Gardening Director represents the Company, interfacing with clients and maintaining relationships.

Lead Horticulturists:

Our Lead Horticulturists receive assignments from the Fine Gardening Director and work hand-in-hand with their crews. They are assigned multiple client accounts and service the homes as called out in the contract.