Why Design-Build?

Singular Responsibility

  • A holistic approach to the entire landscape creation process from start to finish
  • A turn-key service, with a single source responsibility, most effective in managing risks and prioritizing the interest of Client through life of a project
  • The Client is not required during design and construction to coordinate or arbitrate between separate contracts or resolve budget and schedule conflicts
  • Undivided responsibility for budget, schedule and quality of workmanship
  • Avoid legal entanglements of adversarial relationships between design offices and contractors
  • Reapply the benefits of cooperative efforts

Quality Control

  • The singular responsibility that is inherent in design-build becomes a powerful motivator to provide top service throughout the process
  • With undivided accountability, responsibility for defects or non-performance can never be shifted to another party
  • Traditional methods rely upon restrictive contract language, adversarial audit, inspection and legal system to maintain quality

Early Identification of Costs

  • Allows us to zoom in on the project’s cost early and significantly reduce change orders common to multi-party arrangements
  • Guaranteed project performance before final acceptance
  • Can accurately conceptualize project at early stages based on practical experience and internal feedback
  • Terra Ferma Landscapes simultaneously estimates construction costs during design to maintain budget balance
  • The decision to proceed with construction is made with firm knowledge of the project’s final cost and scope of work

Cost Savings

  • Clients regularly updated about their project’s ongoing development status, so in-process and proactive cost saving decisions can be made easily
  • Design and construction staff work as a team
  • Ability to evaluate alternative designs, materials, and methods efficiently and accurately
  • Value engineering and constructability are continuously and realistically considered

Time Savings

    • Design and construction can be overlapped for streamlined delivery
    • Materials can be procured early on when long lead times apply
    • Time savings translate into lower costs
    • Terra Ferma Landscapes can reduce the administrative burden because with design-build there is an in-house design advocate with an intimate understanding of the project’s vision and expectations